Milestones – Week 13

So this is the week we had been waiting for, we finally got Alexander home and he got to meet his big sister and get use to his new surroundings. It was very emotional leaving our second family in Holles St, but to finally take your child home, when you wonder when it will happen is great.


On Tuesday we got the all clear and when Laura came home from the crèche, her little brother was there to greet her. Laura has adapted well and sometimes peers into the pram just to check on him. Being honest we were all doing that and it was so nice to be able to do so at anytime.

We had our first little outing as a family on Wednesday morning and it was nice to be a ‘normal’ family and we’ve had a few other little trips, one to Temple St where Alexander’s ROP continues to improve.

I still can’t believe we have Alexander home, it hasn’t fully sunk in. Those early days are slowly fading away as the routine of living in the now with feeds, naps, etc. are taking over.

Finally, as the first chapter of Alexander’s little life closes, the goals and milestones have changed so no more weekly updates but more ad hoc posts, but I hope to continue so I can share this with Alexander when he’s old.


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