Websites of Interest

If you have stumbled on this blog because you have or know someone with a preemie, here are a few websites that I have found interesting and useful.

Irish Premature Babies
A wonderful resource for anyone in Ireland with a preemie – support, inspirational stories and a committed group of people.  Also on Facebook and Twitter (@irishprems)

Kids Health
For an easy to understand site that explains NICU and potential issues in layman’s terms.

Ain’t No Roller Coaster
A friend of mine from Minneapolis wrote this blog, little did I know that we’d have more than work in common.

Other Sites
Alexander was born in Holles St
( and spent 5 months in Crumlin Children’s Hospital (

Children in Hospital is a charity that I got involved after Alexander came home, they give parents a break by just playing with kids across a number of hospitals in Ireland. It also advocates for them, important now with new National Children’s Hospital.  

PS – If you know of any more sites, please let me know as I’m still learning about being a preemie’s dad, it’s an ongoing journey that has only begun and help is always appreciated.


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